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We are looking for the best and brightest technologists and business people to help us do something that has never been done before. We’re disrupting the real-time detection of information for the Finance, News and Public Sector industries. We’re a nimble and smart group of technologists and business strategists. Our customers come first. We were founded in New York City and understand the speed of a “New York Minute.”  We work hard, but we also understand that building a great and big company is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re proud of our work, but we don’t have egos. We invest in our team members to enable them to grow with the company. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re having fun doing it.

If that sounds interesting to you, please consider joining our team.

People @Dataminr

Julian Pan


Before joining Dataminr, text mining and machine learning were areas of focus during my PhD research.  Dataminr is the place where I can apply my research experience to the real world problem of building a system that detects the global pulse in the Twitter-verse.

As a Data Scientist at Dataminr, I engineer real-time systems that process and index all of the world’s Tweets, while analyzing billions of Tweets to discover new patterns simultaneously.  Big Data is not just a buzzword for us.   It is the reality and challenge we face every day.   The best thing about working at Dataminr is the opportunity to interact and learn from all the brilliant people on our team.

Meghan Sharp


During the seven years I spent as a journalist at FOX News Channel, I saw firsthand how much Twitter was changing news gathering.  A shift was occurring where a larger percentage of stories were being broken by people on the ground tweeting about an event and what they were witnessing.  But with hundreds of millions of tweets posted every day, it simply wasn’t possible to harness all of the information in real-time and filter it down to the reliable, up-to-the minute information that I was looking for.  Dataminr changed that.  Its instant analysis delivers only the earliest and most material signals surrounding an unfolding event.  This allows journalists to focus on what they do best, rather than trawling through streams of information on their own with hope that they might find something good.  

As a Client Solutions Manager for Dataminr for News, I am surrounded by people who are as excited and passionate about revolutionizing the news industry as I am. I look forward to coming to work every day because I get to share with our clients just how talented this team is and how powerful our product is. 

Justin Manikas


I previously worked as a sector specialist and equity trader at RBC covering the Technology, Media & Telecom sectors.  After testing an early version of the application and seeing the potential of the company, I decided to join the Dataminr team to help turn opportunity into reality.

As the Product Manager for the Finance vertical I leverage my background on the trading desk to collaborate with Dataminr’s Engineering team and clients to manage the development of a cutting-edge information discovery solution that is disrupting the traditional financial news industry.  I love working at Dataminr since it allows me to innovate on a daily basis. The ability to apply my past knowledge while learning new skills and being exposed to numerous new challenges across a growing organization gets me excited to come to work each morning.

Dan Dunn


I joined Dataminr as the first front-end developer in 2010 and now lead front-end development.  It’s remarkable how much the company has grown since then.

The great thing about development at Dataminr is that it’s uncharted territory.  It’s up to the developer to explore new and different solutions daily, which ultimately creates a highly innovative environment.  What I really like about Dataminr is the ability to experiment and iterate within the entire Twitter stream and see results immediately.  You don’t find that anywhere else.

Careers @Dataminr